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September 11, 2006



You are just the luckiest yard saler alive! aside from the puking Miss M. Sorry about that. This was the best haul this year.... bar none!


Well, it's all wonderful, but the tea towel, creamer and sugar and cookie cutters are my favorites!! You get some great thrift finds!


Oh, I'm so jealous of everything you found. Not just what you found but the prices. The yard sales here on Saturday were lousy so I never even got my thrift need filled hence the jealousy. These are great items for the thrift challenge. That cone is unbelievable.


I am so sorry about your daughter being ill--it does sound like possibly food allergies. Poor little thing.

Fantastic thrift finds--everything is wonderful!


Poor M, but if this is what you got at 8.30, heaven knows what you missed out on at 8. Those dress-up cut-outs look such fun.


Hope the little one is much better now. What fantastic finds you came up with!!!!


oh my goodness, you should get an award just for the puking babe and still coming home with great stuff!
I love that purse, love the dolls, too. And how sweet are you to give some away? I'm afraid I'd be a total hoarder.
that yarn is beautiful, but it looks like finger weight, maybe? I like wrapping gifts with that kind of stuff, but maybe that's just wasteful...
what wonderful finds! lucky girl.


last saturday.. I was at the thrift shop while waiting for my son's re-evaluation exam..
stress motivates.. and I had sharper eyes than ever..
catched some goodies.. but not as beautiful thngs as yours..
I hope she is OK now


oh, dude...

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