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September 30, 2006


Jennifer Coomer

love love love love love the roosters! love alot of them. but really love the roosters. good finds, mo!


My oh My, what great deals you put your hands on! I can't believe all the thread for what was it a quarter?? Great deal on fabric, too. All very nice colors and patterns. Let us know when you have your projects completed. :)


those spools were an awesome find! they would look great in a jar or something!


my mouth is hanging open!!! WOW!!! can i go thrifting with YOU next time? I can't decide what i love most!! great scores, all the way around...you should definately win Selena's contest for the best over-all loot for the least amount of money...i'm going to go vote right now!!! :)


Hey Mo, what a great haul. I love those fabrics, and the yards and yards of chenille? MMMMMM. Are you joining the vintage swap?


what amazing stuff. i need to thrift with you! now, I can't wait to see what you do with it...maybe that should be the second part of the challenge!

jenny holiday

Ohh I am just dying over the chenille and Christmas balls, and package adornments!!! YUM!

Glad to have found your blog!!
Best Wishes!!
Happy Fall!!
Happy Blogging!!
xoxo Jenny


love the scarf and the wooden spools! 25 cents! yup, that sure is crazy!

Art Tea LIfe

Good ness what great finds!

That large patterned fabric is sooo intriguing IT LOOKS GORGEOUS

The chenille yarns...or strips or whatever they are. YEH! what can you make out of them ? they are divine ! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Old spools of thread ? LOVE them ! I have been using them on the zig zag around those tags I have been making and I love the old threads best when doing this. The thread breaks on me often on the sewing machine BUT ! they just give a better color , etc. to the tags. I have been on a mission to find new old spools now . GREAT haul there on them ! And you still have all the old wooden spools to do somethign with yet. ! Very nice! (and maybe you thought no one would understand a whole basket of old threads ??)AND TWENTY FIVE CENTS !!!!!!!!

The sweaters and wool blazer ? STEAL! yes, those women were Crazy Angels weren't they ? WOW

THis sounds like it was a fun fun project and I wish I had known and played too. But you must have won. You must be the QUEEN with this score and load.

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