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October 12, 2006



I keep checking back hoping to find other's comments on the miracle cure for winter. I wish I had one to give you. A few days of cloudy weather made me feel pretty depressed and I realized that the shorter days make the cloudy weather even harder to bear. Last year in desperation I built a lightbox to blast a little fake sunlight in my face in the morning before the real sun ever got close to the horizon. I had to dig it out this week and I am hoping that getting started earlier in the fall will help me when the days get really short. I made mine on the cheap out of an old wooden speaker box and cheap bathroom light fixtures. Crazy, I know, but email me, if you want some ideas of how to do this without it costing a wad!

Hopefully making something with that yummy yarn will also help. For me it is quilting... I love being draped in a nearly completed quilt this time of year. And I'm sorry about your hubby's hand (and the tea towel.)

Mary Lynn

What a great package!
The thing that works best for me for beating the winter dark is going for a walk at lunchtime so I get sometime in the sunshine (or at least in the daylight).

You could try using peroxide on your Grandma's teatowel. My sister is a nurse and swears by peroxide for getting the blood out. Good luck.


Wow!! With all that pink and red, you would think it was Lolly's Project Spectrum March all over again. Fabulous goodies galore! I am sorry about the tea towel, but I do hope that 1) you can get the blood out and 2) that your DH is okay.


I just found your blog...great inspiration!


Love, love the colors!!! What great yarn for socks... and socks are a great way to pass the winter-time blues. They knit fast, so you feel that you have accomplished something in a short amount of time. Sorry about the spouse's hand... and the tea towel. Don't tell D, but I had to laugh. Out of anything he could have grabbed in your house, he picked a vintage linen. Hope he heals quickly.


What an incredible swap package! Elizabeth has been such a wonderful swapper, and I am delighted that you had her for this last month. We'll have to think up another cool swap for the winter months ahead!

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