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November 01, 2006



I would be interested in that internet source for the glitter. I've been wanting to try it myself.


Oh, cute acorn! And I am gluten free, and yay for the SilkNog, it is GF, and for any batter that needs a yummy spice-cake flavor it works great! I have been putting it in carrot cake muffins this week, tasty!


I love your little acorn - I love using acorn caps to make things! They are the sweetest little things and to think you can just find them lying on the ground! When I walk the kids to school I look for them in fall and I'm sure people thing I'm crazy!


I'm so sorry for your loss. Best wishes for you and your family.

The acorn is super cute. I never heard of German glass glitter, but it looks fantastic.


Adorable acorn!!


I'm so very sorry to hear about the passing of your MIL. She sounds like such a special lady. Healing takes time; let it come as it needs to.

The tiny acorn is delightful and I'd love to know how you made it, as well as the URL for the glitter.


Yay!!! The holidays are coming!!!! I love the little acorn. I can't wait for the dust to settle here so I can deck the halls.


Mhmm *nods* that acorn is adorable.


Mo, that is the cutest little acorn! The glitter is a wonderful touch!

Jennifer Coomer

Oh! So cute!!! I *heart* that.


That is such a neat ornament! I love the glass glitter...it looks so lovely and frosty.
Also, your lampshade rocks. I never thought I'd have lampshade envy, but I most certainly do :)


me, too! i love your lamp!

Vanessa HandBeard


Saw your post on glass glitter, and thought I should share with you that I have a site that has the largest amound of colors and sizes of glass glitter in the world! Ultrafine to Large, and 29 colors... Deco beads as well. It is located at Glassglitterandbeads.com.

Some of the same colors as the other site (same company) but I carry the higher end pure colors as well, and sell colors by the ounce in ziplick baggies to save money for you, so it is $1 an ounce for clear, $1.50 for colors (regular) and $2.00 for pure. We are also starting a pound sale soon if you are interested in that!

Hope you find something you can play with there; if you find a few things that intrigue you let me know--we never charge for samples!

Happy sparkling,

Vanessa HandBeard

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