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January 29, 2007



I love Valentine's Day as well! Our oldest son was born on Valentines Day 1984 and since then I have loved everything about it. Love your site!


I'd keep the fact that it was a wee bit enjoyable secret ;o) And if I didn't know better I'd say our husbands are related!


No dissing of packrats please! We are the kind that will keep the world fed and clad during any major crisis.
Love your sewing table, a fantastic bargain, that is. Also love the slipcover on your chair, did you make that?
About the husband, you should make a detailed list and send him out shopping in the evening. ;)


I would love a special table to keep my sewing machine on all the time, by the time I've lugged it to the kitchen table and got it set up I've usually run out of time to do any sewing!
Your's was a great bargain which just makes it even more pleasing I think


Great find, and just $5 too?!

Yes, I believe that the car seats can be irritating at times. I helped my friend out one evening when she was running late to pick up her two girls from daycare. (I'm on the official list.) So I drove over there and picked them up ... oops, but realized that I couldn't do anything but have them sit in my car in the parking lot and wait. Luckily it wasn't terribly long and we had fun. :-)


Yarraghhh carseats & unnecessary removing of them.

Yay Sees and $5 desk!


Hmmmmm a pack a Valentine sparkley things....I'll delurk at a chance for that :) I've been reading your blog since you were lemongardinia, so its about time I said hello!


Oh I know that hubby song & dance!! I keep something important in my car because I know I'll need it and hubby pulls it out to "clean my car" for me. what can I do? He rocks.
Please drop my name in the hat for something sparkly!


I also love Valentine's Day, though probably not for the same reasons many other people do. However, it is a recent development that I have embraced my inner pink and heart and frilly lover. Thank you for having a contest, I love contests!

Art Tea Life

Can I be in the drawing too ! gosh I came by to grab your link and ! I saw this ! I didn't know!

going to post you under X's and O's I am adding in a little while over here....Love, S

Froy and Olo for VDAY !!! YES YES YES !


Men: can't live with them ... you know the rest. He may forget the car seat, but he's your valentine!


$5 for that desk! What a bargain! I am croozin around looking at Valentine HeArTs..drop by my site as I am giving away also!


Oooh, you like bargains like I do! Drop your name in my giveaway box before tomorrow evening! :)


Lovely things here...I found you thru another link for Valentine heart-art! Please add my name to your contest! Thank you for the fun and games!!


HI there :)

I'd love to enter your drawing :) Thanks so much for your generous offer!


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