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January 16, 2007



Here where people are supposed to be used to snow, they tend to lose their heads and do stupid things over a few inches, too. The first snow every year is mayhem, I tell you! And in years like this when the snow is scarce, people get equally shocked every.time.something.falls.from.the.sky.
Anyway. Yay! That looks so great! And what a wise thing to make the most of it! I'm so happy for you all (and a little envious).

Jodie Chapman

This snow is gorgeous. How I wish we would get some in England, but it seems we are destined to have our days filled with dreary rain.

I would love you to visit my site which is relatively new. I appreciate any comments!



This is my first visit to your blog. I think I love it! I found it via inspireco. Froy and Olo looks fabulous. I know what you mean about cutting and glittering until the sun rises. My husband goes to board meetings with glitter on his suit sometimes. He's learned to adjust.

Alicia P.

I miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wowwww And BRRRrrrrr !

Gorgeous !!!


BTW ! Love the BANNER !


We also got a beautiful snow....last week. Hope you had fun playing in it! I followed the trail on ARTTEALIFE and stopped by. I will be posting a Valentine treasure soon....come and visit!


DEAR Mo - well you found me and I found you - and I LOVE your blog - what I would give for that wiener dog tea set - we have LuLu our mini long hair doxie - oh and that skirt/ doll combo - you are somethin' girl - but hey - 10+ below?????????? - you come for a visit. - xox - eb/

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