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May 02, 2007



Double ear infections - no fun whatsoever. That Ritter chocolate though, I am a huge fan of the cookie variety!


surpries all the time


Hello from your "In The Garden" Pal!
Love your son's poem. When he gets a little older, he'll have to watch "Supersize Me". On the other hand, if McD's sold that Ritter's chocolate covered marzipan, I'd have no compuncture about driving through!


Just found your blog and I am in tears over that sign and the poem - HILARIOUS. Thanks for the great laugh! They are endlessly entertaining, aren't they?

Rebecca F.

Hi there.

New blog fan.

The gambiling sign actually made me want to come over and try!! Too cute and very inviting.

I loved what you did with your daughter's bedroom too. Very special.

Nice to "meet" you.


Art Tea Life

Gosh I have alot to catch up on here

BUt the MCDonald's Poem is wonderful and I want to hang it on my frig !

That was priceless as was the GAMBILING - be there in ten seconds ! laughing.....you didn't say whta it was about and of course I wish I knew. I want a video report !

I wish I had been here sooner (my bad !) the bags for Africa sounds so interestiiing.

Goijng to check out your links and other posts.

I had an idea for some cards I would like to see if you have time to make. Going thru F&O for that- watch for my letter if you please. AND I NEED MORE OF MY CALLING CARDS !

Love, S

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