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August 06, 2007



Oh my. I've never been too interested in this type of stuff...until now!!! The "books" are fabulous. What an awesome idea!


I love those cabinets! I want one real size for me. And those books...so clever!


Those are absolutely adorable! The details you've put in are amazing!


wow, those are so cute and tiny! I love the little craft books.


Oh my, I dallied with the idea of doing something with those cutie little cabinets at Micheals but alas, there weren't twelve of any one type and you've done an amazing, just amazing job of making them each so unique and special. I could never have done those justice like you have.

Art Tea Life

oh mY GOSH !!! some lucky people are getting your wonderful creations. What CUTE CUTE Cupboards ! I love them ! the little lantern in that picture is perfection too. Clever clever - mini magazines we love. The whole Japanese theme. YOU ARE SO GOOD !!!

Wahhh...I wanna be in Club Little House !
Of course I have no idea how I would be able to make things...but I want to GET things ! laughign. Doesn't work like that , does it ?? oh well !!!

Enjoy seeing it all tho.
Love, S.


OMG.... These are AWESOME!!! You chose such gorgeous colors! I LOVE them!!!!


Yet another person saying "Oh my!" The creativity and attention to detail here just blow me away. They're all so very beautiful.


These are fabulous!


These are just luscious! I imagine that the recipients will be awestruck when they open their packages.
Can't believe you didn't make one for yourself!

Lemon Tree Tales

Those are adorable little cabinets! I really like the photo of them lined up. Great stuff!


Maija Lepore

Mo! These are just darling!!! I did something similar, but not nearly as pretty as yours!! Just wonderful!


I'm here from Sandy's and OMG!!! Love these!!

Seriously just the best....I have my old doll house that is sadly in need of repairs, this really gets me thinking.


they are so cute!


that is such a great idea! those mini craft books are amazing. how fun!


Great idea! So nice:)

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