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September 15, 2006



Cute hat and really nicely put together tutorial.
Way to get your whiplash in!


Adorable! The tutorial seems well-thought out to me--good job.


Great tut! Easy to follow, and I love the rick-rack trim - so sweet!!!


Very cute!!! And there are so many great oil cloths available now!. The tutorial looks good too. I think I'll give it a try in a few weeks.... after things settle down a bit.


That is beautiful; you make it sound so easy - I am almost tempted to have a go - thank you for the inspiration :) x


Found you through some blog surfing and really like this tutorial - will be sure to give it a go myself, thanks!


That is soooooo cool, Mo!! I would have never thought of using oilcloth! Very, very nice. Thanks for sharing the tutorial!


Wow, Mo--I feel very inadequate when I see the level of sewing skills you used to "whip up" that little doozy--I thought it was very cute when I saw it, but now I appreciate it even more!

Sandrine (alias Didine ♥ )

These hats are soooooooooooooo beautiful ! I love them ! you're so talented ! I had some troubles with my yahoo account and I don't know if you well received my mails ??? I received your parcel :) Thank you sooooooooo much ! Can you send me your address by mail so I could write you one more time ? Thanks again for all :) Smooches !


This is great! I'm going to have ti give it a shot.


What a great hat tutorial. Before seeing this the idea of making a hat seemed far too challenging. Your pictures and description make it look much easier. On the red & Aqua swap, would you mind if I mailed yours on Tuesday? We are going to the Farm Chicks show this weekend in Spokane and I would love to get some items for you at the show. Let me know. Otherwise I can mail it tomorrow. Thanks.


Adorable hat, Mo! And great tutorial - - I will have to whip one of these guys up! :)


I bought some pretty rose vinyl-y type fabric in Paris a couple of years ago - I'll use it to make this hat! Thanks for the great tutorial!


that is so adorable. you are very talented!


I just love it.

cynthia korzekwa

great tutorial!


Hello! I would love to link to your tutorial for an upcoming feature on the Sew, Mama, Sew blog. I can't find your email address... Would you email me at your convenience for details?

Thanks so much! This is a great tutorial!

Dana Oster

My daughter bought me on of these rain hats from http://www.ifactoryoutlet.com/catalog/twist-hats,foldable-rain-hats
but I definitely think your version is more stylish! How waterproof is the oil cloth? I've never heard of that before.


hi that is a really great hat i was wondering how did u figure out the sizing thanks


This is fantastic stuff, and perfect for the abysmal weather we're having over here at the moment. I hope you don't mind that I've featured it in my blog, Crafty Crafty and linked back to you.


O my gosh, this is perfect! Great tut, and really sweet results! I'll be back to read more!


Great idea, with such a happy rain hat it's easy to keep a happy smile even when it's raining! Thanks for sharing.
I invite you to check my blog for my hatmaking projects!

Ofelia arriaga

WOW!!.. you explain it so well!! and its well done! I just started studing fashion design right now and to be honets it's quite hard... I need your help I have a project right now and its about making a becah hat ...I used as an inspiration a ''SAILOR'' .. the colors red white and blue .. the thing is.. I'm having a hard time finding the pattern for such a big hat... could you help me? ..

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My sister has a lot of these hats, but I had never seem something very original like that, and also that I can make different designs depending on the season.


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