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November 14, 2006


completely cactus

Yep i agree, they look great.


Very cute! I've been planning the December lessons & projects for my preschool class, and I think I'm going to do a variation of this for the Christmas gift we make for the parents. Thanks!


This a great idea!! Thank you, thank you! My girls will love doing this project!


So cool! They remind me of my grandma's glittery christmas bells, then again they're all new! I love the kooky colours, too. Great project.


I agree, they're cute :-) The kids are lucky to have you doing this kind of project together with them :-)


I love the sparkly bells! I'm thinking I really need a garland of some sort...


What a great, fun idea. And they look so festive hanging there.


they look great.. fabulous.. enjoy..


really cute! i think i will try this with babybug :)

only thing is that the eggs we buy come in styrofoam containers. actually, on second thought, that might work out well.

thanks for the idea!


What a cute idea! Glitter is so much fun, and these look great!


These are adorable! They'd even be a great garland around the Christmas tree. Are you still finding glitter everywhere?! :o)

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