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March 02, 2007



Happy anniversary, little girl! You look so cute in that photo!
And a special hello to mummy, who has has a rough couple of weeks! (puking in the house really sucks)


Wow, what a wonderful story. And a great day to celebrate!


Wonderful story, and so frightening, too. I'm sorry you all had to go through that, but so glad the results have been great!


What a cute, cute photo! So glad this little girl got fixed and I love the way you are giving back!!!!


Very inspiring and sobering words. With all the small childhood illnesses, the fevers, the runny noses, it is easy to lose sight of how fortunate we are to have, essentially well children. My daughter was diagnosed this time last year with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. In the spectrum, hers is on the low end and kids usually grow out of it, but visiting the pediatric specialties ward, with the oncology and other clinics really did feel like walking through the looking glass. Good for you, for commemorating and celebrating. It is such a joy - she is such a joy - so strong and vibrant - that growth spurt, 4 shoe sizes? David Banner and the Incredible Hulk jokes anyone? Take care.

old school acres

Happy heart day!!


She is so beautiful and I find such joy in your story!
She is so lucky to have a mom with such a kind and generous nature!


Thanks for sharing such a moving and personal story. I felt the same way when my stepson was being treated for leukemia. He had the best possible outcome and went into remission immediately and we feel fortunate every day. It was so poignant being down at St. Jude and seeing all the kids there who were suffering, many of whom had less fortunate outcomes. I cut off my hair last year and gave it to Locks of Love. So wonderful that you do something amazing every year to give back. Best wishes for continued good health for your daughter and your family.

Kimberly at Some Bunny's Love

What an amazing anniversary! Bunny hugs to your daughter and all of you. Before you know it, she'll be taller than you!


What a moving story with a happy ending! Isn't amazing that it takes something so serious for us all to realize how precious life is. And doesn't it feel good to give back. I started knitting chemo caps when my sister was diagnosed with cancer. I made her some and now donate ones to the local cancer center in her memory. Congrats to you and your family.


Hey Mo, it's Dave (Lori's spouse). Tell me about Project Linus...

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