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April 22, 2007



Happy Birthday!!!
The cake is fantastic, I didn't even realise it was a cake until I started reading. I know someone who would probably sell me to get this. ;)


Happy Birthday! The cake is awesome and I know my girls would go ga-ga if I made them a cake like that :o)


The preview is tantalizing! And that cake - oh how my daughter would just die for it! Five does seem so old, doesn't it? She is six and a half now and is with her grandparents in Disneyland for five days (!) the longest she has been away. They grow up fast.


That is just the best little girl cake ever! But I am even more tantalized by the next post preview...come on....give it up,Mo!

Mary Lynn

Love the bedroom. Very nice.


oh wow I love your cake! I did a dolly vardon with cinderella barbie on my blog for my daughters birthday but was not lucky enough to pick up the pans at a garage sale! love it!
I also love all your furniture...we inherited some awful brown chairs from my mother in law and I'm going to show hubby your blog to inspire him to do a bit of work on them as the white is just gorgeous!!!!

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