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February 03, 2008


Arborist Spokane tree services

Arborist Spokane tree services specializes in Micro-injection, which is safe for pets and children, and there is no chemical spraying. Insect and disease problems are common in trees in the northwest and often occur suddenly. They can frequently represent a crisis that demands immediate attention. Traditionally, the only way to deal with the problem was to spray the tree with pesticides and other chemicals. Arborist Spokane gives you another, more effective option. The use of sprays to control tree health problems is of concern to most people. Micro -injection is a contained delivery system that presents the applicator with an environmentally-friendly alternative to spray applications. This is completely safe for your family and pets. This technique is best done in the fall or spring for most Pacific Northwest trees, when movement of the liquid within the tree’s water-conducting tissues is highest, although we can generally use Micro -injection safely and effectively all year. Dont forget to click the above banner to get a completetly Free tree evaluation by certified arborist using Environmentally safe disease and insect control. Micro-injection is used to place insecticides, fungicides, and fertilizers into trees. In general, uptake takes about 2 to 4 hours in the tree; however, this period depends on weather, tree age, tree health, and soil temperatures. The uptake of the material occurs best when the soil temperature is above 45°F. However, the material may take longer to move in stressed trees or in locations with inadequate soil moisture. Arborist Spokane will determine if now is a good time to treat your trees. This application technique is best performed by professionals trained in its use. Professionals must be licensed to apply pesticides to trees when spraying or using injection. Arborist Spokane is licensed and insured, for over 15 years. If you are concerned about your trees, but not sure what to do, give Arborist Spokane Tree Services a call, our friendly staff will help you determine the best option for your trees. There are many tree services, but only one Arborist Spokane tree service!



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